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蕭雅云 助理教授


蕭雅云 (Ya-Yun Hsiao ) 助理教授
電話 : 04-24730022 ext. 12010
e-mail :
辦公室 : 正心樓1312J
Doctorate of Philosophy, Physics  ,Purdue University West LafayetteIN , USA     2008/06
Master of Science, Life Science, Tsing-Hua University , Hsinchu, Taiwan                  2001/06
Bachelor of Science, Double Major: Physics, Life Science, Tsing-Hua University , Hsinchu, Taiwan   1999/06
中山醫學大學 醫學影像暨放射科學系 助理教授     2008/02 ~ 迄今
Research Technologist  Department of Radiation Oncology, Medical College of Wisconsin Milwaukee, WI 53226     2005/06-2008/06
Application of Monte Carlo simulations to problems in radiation therapy such external beam radiotherapy or brachytherapy, microdosimetry, and radiation biology. Development of biological models for radiation-induced DNA damages and chemical reactions.
Clinical application of kilovoltage (kV) x-rays:
       Estimate surface doses and dose-volume histograms (DVH) for computer tomography
       Biological effectiveness estimation for mammography (20-70 kVp) and soft x-rays
Dose perturbation near the air cavity for radiation therapy:
       Dose profiles for prostate cancer for 131Cs (approved by FDA in 2004)
       Dose estimation for helical tomotherapy
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3. Chao TC, Huang YS, Hsu FY, Hsiao Y, Lee CC, Tung CJ* (2011). Cellular dosimetry and microdosimetry for internal electron emitters. RADIATION PROTECTION DOSIMETRY, volume 143, P.248-P.252. (SCI).
4. Wang CC, Hsiao Y, Lee CC, Chao TC, Wang CC, Tung CJ* (2012, Jan). Monte Carlo simulations of therapeutic proton beams for relative biological effectiveness of double-strand break. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RADIATION BIOLOGY, volume 88, P.158-P.163. (SCI).
5. Y Hsiao* and TH Hung (2012). Evaluation of biological effects of dimthylsulphoxide for radiotherapy by computational methods. CHUNG SHAN MEDICAL JOURNAL, volume 23, P.107-P.116.
1. YS Tyan, CJ Tung, CC Yu, RS Chen, JJ Yang, SH Yeh, YY Hsiao, TR Chen* (2010), Measuring pulse height distribution of Compton 90°scattering photons to reconstruct X-ray spectra, 台灣應用輻射與同位素雜誌, volume 6, P.819-P.824.


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